My Thoughts Of The Week …

05/25/10 (Tue): 35 days! The oil is still gushing. There is no plan in sight “which should work”. Dems blame their “easy target”, BP. Reps blame their “easy target”, Minerals Management Service. Whatever it is, it is a disaster for a very beautiful part of the country, which I visited in 2009 …

05/26/10 (Wed): “Sack Mahendra Dhoni”? Since 2007, while record could be better, overall not that bad. I.e. The very nature of the 20/20 game is so fickle. The guy is quite young, and is the solid ODI/Test Captain! He is no freeloader, with 25+ average and one T20 WC (in 2007)! More of the “knee jerk” reaction from passionate cricket fans?

05/27/10 (Thu): I was no big fan of Aamir Khan during 90s (“chocolate”). Shah Rukh Khan with Baazigar/Darr/DDLJ etc. was my fav. Then Sarfarosh (Speech to Mirchi seth), Ghulam (when his bro pulls a gun on him), Lagaan (explaining to mom why the match was crucial), Rang De Basanti (the climax), Ghajni etc. happened, and the megahit “3 Idiots”! Shah Rukh Khan may be a bigger star, but Aamir Khan is the true method actor of his generation ..

05/28/10 (Fri): Matt Green. The guy is attempting a walking expedition from East Coast to West Coast. It will take him 6 months. Read an article about it. Interesting. After years of fantasizing about a cross-country drive (not walking!), I finally did a relatively tame flight-car-train trip from San Jose to Miami last year. A true cross-country drive would be amazing. Some day I hope to do a pure cross-country driving expedition.

05/29/10 (Sat): Eddy Curry is a mediocre (by NBA standards, that is) player from the NewYork Knicks. He earns roughly 11M$ a year and that too, for sitting on the bench and jumping up and waving the towel each time NY makes a basket 🙂 The guy is so broke that people are now suing him! I guess the adage that “more you earn, more you spend” and “one can be happy at any earning level” makes sense …

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