Borobudur (Indonesian Cuisine), San Francisco …

As with many people, I too came to know about this restaurant through the Public Television show “Check Please”. Since all the 3 reviewers gave this restaurant a thumbs up, it entered my list of “To Try” restaurants. We got the chance to go to this restaurant yesterday. Since we went just after the restaurant opened for lunch, there were only a couple of other families. I noticed that they had the usual assortments of great reviews posted outside.

Prices = $$  [$ – Cheap, $$ – Slightly pricy, $$$ – Wow! Bank Loan Time! )

Service = Quite Okay

(01) Otak Otak Panggang (B.B.Q fish cake wrapped in banana leaf):


I ordered this dish after seeing some good Yelp reviews. I did not like it that much, though the kids loved it! It did not taste fresh to me.

(02) Ikan Goreng (Striped Bass, deep fried, with special sauce):


My wife liked it, though, I did not enjoy it too much. Well, that is the risk in experimenting with other cuisines. You win some, you lose some 🙂 Its all part of the deal …

(03) Rendang Beef (Sumatra-style beef in coconut curry):


Now we are talking! This dish was just awesome. I think I finished it off all on my own 🙂 It was a bit too spicy for the kids.

(04) Nasi Goreng Borobudur (House-special Indonesian fried rice, with anchovy, egg and onions):


Quite good. Kids loved it. It went very well with the Rendang Beef.

(05) Es Campur (Tropical fruits in shaved ice, with several sauces):


We loved it, especially after mixing all the ingredients. After some spicy dishes, it hit the right spot.

(06) Pisang Bakar (Friend banana, with a mix of condensed milk, chocolate and cheese(!)):


It was very good, though a bit heavy.

Overall, it was a so-so experience. I do not think I will drive all the way to San Francisco to go to this restaurant again … We personally thought that it was not as great as what the Check Please reviewers claimed.

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