Rose Market, Mountain View …

My friend Sridhar had originally suggested the place several years back. We have visited the place quite often. I love to roam the aisles of Middle-Eastern Stores. The items are very tempting. This is a Persian store. It reminds me of the childhood years in Iran. Judging by the inevitable lines at the counter, the place is quite popular. The Yelp rating for the place is very good (4 Stars). All the items are moderately priced.

Prices = $  [$ – Cheap, $$ – Slightly pricy, $$$ – Wow! Bank Loan Time! 🙂 )

Service = Quite Okay

(01) Zereshk Polo:

Steamed white Basmati rice with barberries and Saffron. Very good. Especially, as a combination with the kabobs. 3.49$.

(02) Koubideh (Ground beef and lamb, mixed with onions and spices), Lahori Chicken Tikka (Boneless and skinless chicken marinated in Lahori spices)  and Chicken Kabobs:


Very nice. They serve it along with Lavash bread and some green salad.

(03) Ganoosh:

Eggplant dish with onions and spices, topped with fresh mint.


(04) Ghormeh Sabzi:

Fragrant combination of beef with parsley, leek, scallion, fenugreek and kidney beans.


We had ordered take out and the long drive back home (with the food in the car) was torture … 🙂 I couldnt wait to reach home and wolf it down …. 😉 Considering the moderate prices, the food is definitely worth it.

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