2009 ATP Tour Finals …

Congrats to Davydenko for a wonderful tournament and for the great accomplishment of beating Nadal, Federer and Del Potro in back-to-back matches!

Nadal was obviously not at his peak, physically. It is impossible that he would leave the Round Robin with a 0-3 record.

Federer’s unforced error count has dramatically increased in all the recent important matches. A lot more errors on the forehand.

Del Potro has had a great year. I recall the match with Federer at AUS 2009, where he got beaten pretty badly and the commentators were saying that he is far from hitting the “Bit Time”. Well, in just 9 months after that, he won US Open! The way he hits his forehand, especially when the ball is short, is a treat to watch. Zzzzzinggggggg! The sound is nice to hear.

Since every Tom, Dick and Harry does their 2010 predictions, why not me?

Australian Open, 2010: Djokovic

French Open, 2010: Nadal

Wimbledon, 2010: Federer

US Open 2010: Federer

Lets see what happens …

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