Sweden – Final Itinerary

I plan to arrive at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport by 11PM. I have booked a bed at the “Jumbo Hostel”. After I read about it, I decided that I have to try this! A Boeing-747 converted to a Hostel? Man, thats something …

Overview (Dont want to bore people with all the other data I have collected, which probably only a few (like me) will find interesting): The land of ABBA, IKEA and Ericsson. Sweden has one of the lowest poverty rates in the world and a great standard of living (like all the other Scandinavian countries). Though it is a part of EU, there is a lot of internal debate about it. Also, the currency is not Euro (Sweden uses Korner). More than 75% of Sweden is wilderness. Stockholm (with close to 2M people) has around 14 islands connected via a slew of bridges. I think that will be nice to see. Sweden has boundaries with Norway and Finland. Interestingly, Sweden has one of the largest road networks in the world!

Day1 (July 13th (Tue), 2010):


– Vasa Museum: The great warship from ancient times.

– Nordic Museum


– Skansen Open Air Folk Musem

– Royal Canal Boat Tour at around 6PM

– Will try a Smorgasbord at one of the recommended Restaurants for dinner

I have booked a bed at the famous Af Chapman Hostel. What’s peculiar about this? Well, it is a 3-masted Sailing Ship! Isnt that something? Let us see how it goes …

Day2 (July 14th (Wed), 2010):


– City Hall: I will take a guided tour here.

– Changing of the Guard, at around noon.


– Royal Palace Museum

– Walking Tour through the Old Town

Note: I need to see how I can squeeze in a quick trip to the Millesgarden sculpture museum (sculptures by Carl Milles). I will take it as it comes …

At 4.30PM, I have to check in at the Silja Cruise office, for the cruise ship ride to Helsinki (Finland). As I mentioned in my Norway blog, I am not jotting down all my notes here. I dont think it will be of any interest to the majority of people. But if it is, please ping me. My friend Baiju is currently based in Stockholm and I plan to make some adjustments so that I can spend time with his family (It is still in the works :-)).

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